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I provide online personal training, I don’t just get the results for my clients, but I enjoy every moment of it as well.

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Why Online Personal Training?


With online personal training, you can have the freedom of doing your own routine through the set days you choose. A 1-1 local personal trainer will only set have hours free to give you sessions. This way you can choose the days and times to work out giving you better results because of your energy levels being at a maximum.

Lifestyle switch

The lifestyle mind and body switch you get with online personal training is something you will never regret. We don’t just offer a quick fix to weight loss, but a complete switch in metabolism to keep off that body fat forever 

Cost efficient

1-1 Local training can be very expensive in nearly all areas of the world. so using an experienced online personal training service will not only give you great results, they will come very affordable.

Worldwide professional

Why online personal training is so effective is because there are not many 1-1 experts locally in the fitness industry, so using a world class online personal trainer gives you access to the tools and the mind that you need to make that change in your body and mind lifestyle.

*5-Star Rated Online Personal Training*

Gemma Scott

“I have been using Luke for personal training for quite some time now. Although now i need a less regular program, when i first started i was in a bad place and i hated my body. Now i feel great in myself and in the way i look. Since i was younger I’ve always struggled to burn body fat, some days i didn’t even want to go to the gym because i felt like everybody was looking at me. After finishing a 12-week online personal training challenge with Luke. I not only have the body, but my mindset is in a better place. Thank you again physique empire for helping me!

Daniel Bailey

I’ve always been skinny, it’s something i grew to accept. I can go weeks and months of eating over 4000 calories on a daily basis and not put a single pound of muscle on! I tried everything to gain muscle, i purchased a training package with physique empire, not knowing if anything would change. But it did! You can totally see the difference in Knowlege and experience from somebody that deals with these kinds of problems day in day out. Luke helped me grow to the size i wanted. I know I’ll never have massive muscles, but i sure am now the best version of myself. If you have never tried online personal training, i recommend doing it.

Scott Carruthers

I use to drink a lot of alcohol and eat a lot of junk food, It was a bad habit i struggled to shift. Luke has been a close friend of mine for many years, I asked him for help and he came to my rescue. I have always struggled to keep the fat off and I’ve never had the best metabolism. I asked Luke for some online personal training to mix it up to local routine. The mind and body switch that i received over the past 12 weeks is still going. I would never use another personal trainer locally. If Luke ever decided to fully stop doing clients locally, I would from him all year long! Thanks again buddy and keep up the good work.

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Online Personal Training






Why Choose me for your online personal training?

*About Myself*

My fitness journey started back in 2008,  after being called the skinny kid in school I knew I had to do something about it.  I used to struggle with building lean muscle due to my lack of experience at the beginning. I would just turn up looking lost and copying the guy next to me, without knowing why & getting no results. Through further studies & qualifying with my local & Online Personal Training certificates, I developed an intense passion for fitness as a whole and decided to take my career further and do online personal training to reach out to more people. I have had the pleasure of helping many people gain the confidence and the body they dream of.